Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Twilight Imperium Shattered Empire Map Variant 2

For 3 players:
Here we have a three player map variant using system tiles from the Shattered Empire expansion. The map represents three spiral arms of the galaxy. One for each player. These arms are separated by "rifts", making it difficult at times for fleets to traverse the galaxy (see map variant rule below).

Before the players generate this map, the 9 Special System tiles and the 4 Ringed Planet System tiles are removed and returned to the box. They won't be needed for this map variant.

The Mecatol Rex System tile is then placed at the center of the table. From this tile, three radiating spiral rifts are placed face-down (red side up) using the 10 Empty System tiles and 2 Tri-Planet System tiles.

Each of the three players now randomly choose their Home System tile and places it on the map. The remaining 30 system tiles are shuffled and each player is dealt 10 of them. The players take turns placing their system tiles starting with Ring 1 until it is filled and then proceed on to filling Ring 2 until it too is filled and then on to Ring 3 (aka the Rim) of the galaxy map.

Map Variant Rule: Ships may not end their movement on Rift System tiles. Movement through a Rift System tile is allowed though as long as a ship has a movement of 2 or greater. Ships that find themselves in a Rift System are immediately lost and removed from the map. The only exception to this "Rift Rule" is the fact that the Clan of Saar race can end its ship movement on a Rift System tile as long as its Space Dock is also present. Clan of Saar ships that find themselves in a Rift System without their Space Dock are immediately lost and removed from the map. Their Space Docks can reside alone in a Rift System. All players can activate a Rift System for purposes of adjacent Deep Space Cannon PDS fire.

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