Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Forbidden Alchemy Replacement Components

I just got a reply email from Fantasy Flight Games saying I'll be receiving a replacement kit in a few weeks for Forbidden Alchemy, the boxed expansion for Mansions of Madness.

The replacement kit will include the following components:

• "Wrong Turn" Mythos card
• "Bone Saw" Starting Item card
• "Sword Cane" Starting Item card
• "Studies on Hysteria" Starting Item card
• "Memory Hole" Side Effect card
• "Return of the Reanimator: Objective 1B" Objective card
• "Fire and Vengeance: Return of the Reanimator III" Event card
• "It’s Him!: Return of the Reanimator IV" Event card
• "Yellow Matter: Objective 1C" Objective card
• "Lost in Time and Space: Objective 1C" Objective card (added Jan. 6)
• Rules of Play/Investigator Guide book (Revised Printing)
• Keeper Guide book (Revised Printing)

I recently found out that my boxed copy of Forbidden Alchemy suffered from misprints. The fix for the game was described on the Fantasy Flight Games web site.

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